Bitty Bow Baby Sandals by Whistle&Ivy

This was one of the first few shoes that I made when I started crocheting. I really love the design..

I  must say, for a beginner, this isn’t the best shoe to start with. haha! It took me awhile to figure out the first line of the body, where you have to “Find  the  middle  stitch  on  the  heel,  with  heel  facing  downward, count  4  to  the  right” and start to crochet the 2 soles together. i just couldn’t figure out then that it was poking through the 2 soles. 😛

In any case, here’s the link to Bethany’s Bitty Bow Baby Sandals Page and the pattern is here.

Thanks for designing such a pretty pair of sandals!

Oh.. and here’s my version of the bitty bow sandals 🙂

my bitty bow sandals

I used Sirdar Snuggly DK yarn for this project. I will attempt to make another pair using worsted weight yarn soon!


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